Monday, June 28, 2010

Ella Love

Hey scrappin' ladies, check out my blog post over at Ella...jump on the love wagon and submit! You might just be my new love!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Extra Layout Swap

Okay ladies, the same rules apply but you can do any theme you want. We will have a total of 8 swappers so have fun with it...since you won't have to make as many. When they are all sent out we will have a private vote via e-mail to me on who's layout you found most inspiring and they will receive a prize from me (I am excluded in this). Thanks for taking the challenge ladies.
Extra Swap Participants:
Amber Hoskins
Happy Scrappin!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swappers Update...

Okay girls....I cannot wait to see what you have done!! My mom is coming this way on June 12th so if you don't want to have to pay to send it-you can get it done a week early and send it with her.

Also, If you want to do the extra swap let me know, here are the details:
**It will be due in November, a month before our last page is due.
**You can turn it in before then, just not after.
**It can be any theme or layout of your choice-but it still has to have all the same things (ribbon, paper, embellishments, title, journaling, ect)
**I have to know if you want to do it by June 19th, everyone I have then that is signed up will be all we will take to do it and I will post then how many total.
**Like I said this is an extra layout-so there is no pressure to do it!! I will be doing a contest with it though if everyone is game (it makes it more fun, right?). Anyways, I will be giving a prize for the top choice layout. Everyone who participated will get a vote (e-mailed to me) that I will tally and see who got the most votes (no worries I will keep your voting to myself). The person with the most votes will get a prize package from me :0) let me know what you think: if you want to do it, and how you feel about doing a contest.
Happy scrappin!!