Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 5

In English 9 we are reviewing Leo Tolstoy's "What Is Art?", and I thought I would share this with anyone out there who reads this blog and is an artist....
"In order to correctly define art, it is necessary, first of all, to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one of the conditions of human life."
"Every work of art causes the receiver to enter into a certain kind of relationship both with him who produced, or is producing, the art, and with all those who, simultaneously, or subsequently, receive the same artistic impression."
Wow-huh?! I think this says a lot, with very little information. I guess I do create out of need rather than really stabilizes me. It is calming...rejuvanating...and sanity increasing. Anyways, this week I will:
*workout 5 days a week
*do one nice thing for Eric and 1 other person each day
*finish and send out 3 handmade things
*make my swap stuff
*play with photoshop-try 1 action
*play with my silhouette-download and cut out 1 thing
*finish organizing my scrap room
*pack 2 boxes of unused stuff
*read scriptures and 1 church article everyday
*stick to weight watchers
*put away my bill info.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Inspirations...sort of

Living in a disaster zone
These are a few words I am feeling right now. I have been working out is growing on me...and I am seeing progress. I have done my pampering weekly facial, my indulgence. I am tired, ready for a day to just be...with nothing on the schedule. I am hopeful that all this hunger and soreness will give good results! I am wanting to create...this is one of my favorite shirts, I call it my happy makes me want to scrapbook. It is very Elsie-ish and I love that (you can check her out here I love her). However, even with being in my creative happy shirt all day (love the little fangs on the thunder cloud) room looks like this-yikes!!! I have been organizing and it has become this-ahhhh!!! So far so good this week. 5 out of 5 days of working out. I have stuck to weight watchers. I have read my articles, and scriptures. I have made 2 of my handmade projects. I have tried to do nice things...and so far so good. I will work on the rest on my list on Sunday...tomorrow I will be playing in Jackson!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 4

Dadadaadaa (think trumpet noises .:laughs:.)...I have started doing weight watchers (as of this morning) with a friend here at the school. I think this along with the working out will jump start my weight loss and maintenance! I have 7 weeks until the end of school to lose the 20 I want to. I know it's not going to be easy to stick to it, but I am going to try :0). The book above is something that Eric have enjoyed in Men Health magazine (I am thinking of getting it for him for his birthday-great tips's). You can get it cheap here: I think that the working out is becoming a habit...I don't dread it as much. Yesterday I actually got to workout outside in like 65-70 degree weather!!! This nice thing about being in this elevation is that you get a whole lot more sun in a lot less time! Anyways, I have done better about sticking to my weekly scrapbooking room is currently a mess due to organizing!!! I can't wait until this weekend...I am going to Jackson with my friend Manda, making my scrap swap stuff, playing with photoshop, and playing with my silhouette (so I can figure it out before I go home in case I need to talk to Kellie)!!!

<:BTW:>For those of you reading doing the scrap swap...I think I have talked to you all, but remember-change of plans-we only have to make 8 things this month (1 is for yourself)! Happy creating!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 4

On to week 4 already...
Last week I was able to:
*do something active 5 out of 7 days (I actually did 6!)
*do much better with my scriptures and church talk readings :0) almost 5 out of 7 days!
*do something nice for my hubby each day
*do something nice for someone else each day
*get started on my room and scrapbooking room :0) purge baby purge!!!
This week I will continue with those listed above, as well as:
*make Chrissy's gift (for real this week)
*play with my silhouette (try to download and cut a new shape) and photoshop (try atleast 1 action)
*plan out my scrap swap item :0)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrap Swap....

This should be all the final details: the tally is 9things total (1 for yourself). All items need to be to me (or in Pocatello) by the 2nd of May. Amber (Hooten) and Kristen, you will need to send $ for shipping. It will most likely cost as much or a little more than what it costs to send it to me (or Kira for Kristen). This 1st swap will help us to know shipping charges, but I don't think it will be more than $10 each month. There is more info below the pictures but here is a quick recap...8 items to give away/the theme is birds/please no paper sheets (due to shipping)/there is no budget, but please make it a high quality product/and it needs to be something that can be used on a scrapbook page or card (thus it needs to be acid free).

As promised here is the swap for this upcoming month and details about how I think this will work (if you think something will work better let me know). I would like us all to swap our favorite feathered friend item (something birdish) can be bought or made :0). I am really excited to see how this all works!! This swap will take place in May. I am thinking that the 2nd Saturday of each month will work well (if there are reasons why it won't let me know). This way you are getting something every month, but still have time to get the next one done. So far I think these are the people I have who want to be involved:
Amber (my sister)
Amber (Hooten)

So let me know if there is anyone else who is interested, or if you cannot participate. As for now we will each make/buy 9 things (1 is for yourself). If you live in will swap among yourselves and then send the remaining things to me to send out, then I will send the other stuff your way. (Kristen if you want to work through Kira you can). For Amber Hooten you will send your things to me with postage to send a package back to you (I think this will work best...let me know if you think of something different)(Shanoa and I will work it out here). Everyone let me know what you think ASAP so that we can get this thing going!!!! I hope you all are as excited as I am...I think this will be a great opportunity for us all to grow and enjoy each others talents and tastes :0)!! As for the blog that I talked about for us all to post our creations on, I will think on that some more and get back to you all. Please feel free to let me know if you think of something that would work better. I think it is easiest for everyone not living in Pinedale or Poky to send their stuff to me, but I am open to other suggestions. I know some of you have mentioned postage charges, but this is the only way I know of to include lots of different people. Anyways, please let me know ASAP...happy creating to you all!!!!
Remember this has to be able to be used on a scrapbook or card (of if you want to make a card that works too). It can be made on any medium, but please make sure it is acid free :0)
Q's: Hey did i miss some info on the it a page there a budget....are we taking turns being in charge of the theme? Just wondering....I am excited to get started.
A's: Um...okay I will address some of those things better. It can be anything you want to do as long as it has to do with birds and can be used on a page or a card. There is not a budget (kinda hard to put a price on something that someone makes...), just make sure that whatever you buy/make that it is nice and of good quality and something that you would want to use (for example..if you make something on the cricut..please put it together for us, use nice paper, multiple-layers, glitter, ect-spruce it up a bit). I think that everyone taking a turn at a theme that wants to is a good idea...I will work on a schedule for that. Anyone who wants a turn let me know...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 3

Inspirations Leading To Questions
I saw these picture on Elsie's website...( which I love...I think they are amazing! Tim Walker has serious talent...I would love to do photography like this, a very creative and imaginative!!
I think this last picture sums it all up with imaginary, fantastic, and bizarre! I love the props, the fancy clothes, the set up-seriously everything about it! I only wish I could do real-life pictures like these since living in Pinedale will not get me into the high fashion photography business any time soon :0).
I did a test on about jobs and what fits you best and it said that I should do something creative, like photography/poetry/art/ect. I have been contemplating my job as of late...and seriously wondering!! I have a philosophy on eating..if it doesn't taste good, what's the point? I don't need the calories. I am kind of feeling the same way about jobs...if it doesn't fit good, what's the point? Do I really need the stress?? I would really like to find something that lets me be creative, be my own boss, and provides enough for Eric and I. I don't feel like this is a lot to ask...and I haven't loved my job in a very long time! Why is it so hard to do what you love? Anyways, I have just been thinking.....
Tomorrow I will post on what the scrap swap inspiration will be for this next month...and more information for it
.:wishing an inspiring day to you all:.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 3

Well...week 3 and I will say although I have not had time to stick to everything on my has helped me do better at not wasting so much time!! I planned on doing a bunch of catch up this weekend, but we went to SLC (pictures on my other blog) to hang out with family and friends :0). Although I am now behind-it was good to see everyone, and to see all the work that Chad and Jessica have done on their home.
For this week I will continue to:
*Workout for 5 days
*Clean out my scrapping space
*Figure out my silhouette
*Make Chrissy's handmade gift (missed that one)
*Do something nice for my hubby each day
*Do something nice for 1 other person each day
*Read scriptures everyday
*Read a church article each day
This week I also want to:
*Play with photoshop
*Clean up my bedroom-put away all my clothes, and purge (really purge) all the stuff I don't wear (BTW-I gave a shirt to a student at the high school today and she loved it so much she put it right on, I love that feeling!!!! It was a shirt from my punk days...I now I only wear it for Halloween. Even though I love it, I learned I loved the memories more than the actual shirt...helps me get rid of thing I don't need knowing that someone else will use and love it!!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week 2

Well...these 2 things are why I have not been as good at sticking to the things on my list!! I was up late designing this 2nd invite...and then tonight again trying to get them all ready. I blurred out the important personal information on the 2nd one...but you get the idea. The first one is one I made for a senior I did pictures of...I think I have found a new hobby!!! I love creating stuff I am finding. So far I have done these 2 and my business cards, but I can't wait to do more!!! I am thinking even starting to do designs for my scrapbooking stuff!!! Anyways, I have done something active for 3 days, today just crunches because 1) we got a huge blizzard, and 2) I had to get these things done! Tuesday I got to go walking with my friend Shanoa-love her-we actually ended up going 2 miles! It is always nice to have a change and workout with someone else!!! It was also nice outside both Monday and Tuesday so I was able to be out both days, I even got a little sun!!! I have yet to do anything else on my list of 2 do's....but hopefully tomorrow I can catch up!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 2

I guess I should start with a summary from last week, and say that my weeks go from Monday to Sunday :0) I was able to do 4 out of 5 days for a workout. I was going to do Friday as my 5th, but I was having issues with my side and being able to breath. Sooo....I only did 4 days. I also finished 1/2 of my button sewing...I actually only have 1 button to sew on, but I am a little OCD so I am also strengthening all of the other button attachments. However, I did finish a shirt and a's like having a new outfit! I hate going to the store and buying clothes, then taking them home and knowing that if I don't fix all the buttons that they will fall off-big bummer!! I also worked on doing something nice for my hubby each day...I did pretty well. On Sunday I was going to make sticky buns...that flopped because the dough never rose...made me angry-I guess that's what happens with cold weather, and low heating. I am happy to report that I did get Pam's handmade gift done :0) With looking at the house this week and then assessing what it would cost to fix versus build...I didn't have time to use the computer for my silhouette this week...but maybe next week!
This week I want to:
Working out for 5 days
Finish sewing on all my buttons :0( my poor neglected clothes!
Figure out my silhouette
Do something nice for my hubby and one other person each day
A handmade project for Chrissy :0)
Clean, Organize, and Purge in my scrapbooking room
Read 1 church article a day
Read my scripture everyday...I know, it is something I should be doing...and used to but I need some motivation!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 1

I am feeling old.
Not in a good way either.
Maybe my body is just rejecting me.
Too many years of wear and tear.
I am trying to treat it better now.
I think it is holding a grudge.
Maybe I can push past this major side ache.
Oh yea...and then there's that pesky hip.
I need a good way to get revenge.
I know, tomorrow I will push it to the limit.
Maybe I can trick myself into feeling young and limitless again.
Maybe then, I won't feel so old.

So, day 4 of doing something active is complete...for that I am grateful. Although, the last 2 days have been different. Yesterday it was walking with a new friend from church. Today it was volleyball (I wish it was softball)-I try but it's not really my thing, it used to be more fun way back when, but it was active so...I did it, for 2 hours. I really wanted to skip today...but I knew I would feel guilty for not keeping up with all of this. So...side ache and all I went and played. My left side on my ribs has been hurting-especially when I take a deep breath-ever since after lunch today-it sucks, but such is life! The pictures I posted are from yesterday...this is one of my pass along the love gifts. I gave it to Pam today, I hope she liked it. I kept it simple so she had options of what to do with it. This weekend I plan on playing with the Silhouette...I hope I can figure it out. I hope I don't have to call the company for a new blade...and I can't wait to buy some new images with my GC and use my new markers...yea!!! I have been trying to serve my hubby all far so good. It has made me think before I react...all but one time, but this is about improvement after all...and that is definitely better than usual so I will take it.