Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 1

Racing heart,
Beating fast.
Quick and steady,
Breathing lasts.
Feeling sweaty,
Can't slow down.
Moving better,
Hot-head crown.
Kept on pushing,
Made it through.
Found an ending,
Felt anew.

So...maybe it's beginners luck, or maybe it is because I have something to answer to...but today I pushed myself and ran 2 miles. Only 2 you might say, but know this...I have never loved running, especially indoors! But when it is only 20 degrees and it's windy-there's no way I am venturing out! The best thing was that after I was done, I stretched and then I kept on working 1/2 hour of huffing and puffing...I didn't know I had it in me :0). Now I know...I can only go up from here on out!!

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The Gardiner's said...

I like the comments in this format. You are crazy. 3 blogs would be too much for me but I have three kids. I thought you were pregnant when I saw the title on your other blog. I'm glad you replied to my blog.