Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Swappers

Hey ladies....i just wanted to check in with a couple updates:
First: join me for a challenge at Ella
Second: we're missing some layouts from last month so if you received any extra (please everyone look again) let me know so we can get them to their rightful home. Thanks!
Third: I will be seeing my mom over Labor Day weekend so if you don't want to pay for shipping get them to her by then. (that includes your extra kit if you signed up and have it ready)
Fourth: we had a couple mix ups this month so to be fair to everyone from now on you will only receive your kits once your kits have been received. Thanks for being understanding about this.
Fifth: please write on the kit who it is to and who it is from so we can avoid another mix-up.
Sixth: make sure you check what is up next and make sure you have signed up:
*****1) Back to School
*****2) Fall
*****3) Thanksgiving/Halloween
*****4) Family
***The same guidelines from all the past kits apply
Sixth: you all have been doing a great job so keep up the hard work!!


Just Us said...

I will be doing family! Thanks you guys you are all awesome!!

Seth and Sheena Hirschi said...

I will be doing Familys too

Anonymous said...

I have chosen to do fall--and I am almost done!

Jamie said...

I am going to do Halloween!

Hetlet said...

I'm doing fall

birkley said...

I have chosen Halloween.

the.crocketts said...

I'll be doing mine on Thanksgiving .. I think :)