Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Fav's

I applied to a design team...and didn't make it. These photos are what I sent...some of my favorite work. Not making it was a pretty big bummer for me. It's a blow to think that you're work is not good enough. I used to live and breath this industry-knowing randomly which lines belong to which company. Since moving it has been a little harder, and with building our house I stopped scrapping for a long time. I am back in it now for new reasons and it has been so much more refreshing. I have been putting myself out there more, and trying to better my talents because I want to-instead of for a job. In doing so I have been really trying to push myself and I feel like I am trying new things and growing in this craft. However, not making the team was rough...and I was thinking today and realized that it doesn't matter. I craft for me-as a release and for fun, so why should I need validation that what I do is good enough for other people. This is my selfish hobby-something I do just for me, and other people's opinions isn't going to change that. Even if I am not their kind of good-I am my kind of good, and I think I prefer that. In posting this I hope that others will realize that it doesn't matter if you think you do or don't measure up-it's the creating that matters, and how that makes you feel. It's not the finish line that's the steps that it takes you to get there. So with that, know that both you and I are good enough and CRAFT ON!

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