Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 12

I am back-almost unpacked-and ready to jump start myself again for summer!!! I have been a little busy with a lot of things!! We moved, so I packed-organized-cleaned-cleaned-unpacked-reorganized, all in pretty much 1 week. During that time my folks came for a visit as well so I took a break and went with them to Northern Idaho. My Mom and I did some shopping and had a great time with my Dad during the evenings. Today I finally had time to put away my clothes and I did some de-cluttering and organizing. We've moved into a tiny apartment-1 bedroom - so I have had to come up with some cleaver storage solutions. I am still not sure where my dresses and skirts will be going, maybe the front closet??
Anyways, for all you scrap ladies....so far so good!!! Keep plugging away and make sure you are getting your things to me on time (I know summer is hard). We have had some great stuff again and have a ton more exciting things coming!!! Don't forget to get your page kits going, they're up next!!! Hope you all are having fun!! Now that I have more time I can't wait to create with all the cool stuff I have received!!
For my goal setting this week I would like to:
*Do something active 5 out of 7 days
*Read my scriptures 5 out of 7 days
*Finish Amber's photos
*Finish Sam's photos
*Do my swap layouts
*Do something nice for Eric each day
*Do a page with my swap stuff
*Finish unpacking my clothing

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