Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scrap Swap Catch Up

Okay ladies...I thought I would post what we will be doing in the upcoming months, and who has given me what for which months. So far I think this has all worked out really well!! I know I have enjoyed getting my goodies, and I am sure you have all too. I can't wait to actually start using them, but it might still be awhile because we might start building very soon....we'll see though. Anyways, so far here are the months I have for each of you (if any of these are wrong let me know):
DeDe: have all up to date plus page kit/school/color/sport/holiday
Amber: all up to date plus page kit/school/sport/color
Kristina: up through summer celebrations
Kira: up through posies and flutterbys
Jerrica: up through posies and flutterbys
AmberHooten: up through posies and flutterbys
Shanoa: up through posies and flutterbys
Me: up through summer celebrations
LesLee: up through posies and flutterbys

Now for our upcoming months (remember the month posted by the theme is the month to be working on your project not the month that it is due-each project is due the 1st week of the following month). Once again, if you have any suggestions on theme's let me know...we distributed out these themes and assignments when I was back home so I hope these work for everyone. If not, please let me know ASAP so we can get everything reconfigured. These will go through the end of the year, at that time we will reconfigure the swap and make sure everyone is still in :0). If you need to remember the rules please re-visit this post, or let me know if you have any questions. Here we go:

September (due October 3rd) : Back to School
October ( due November 7th) : Sports
******Sports assignments are:
Football-Amber Hooten
November (due December 5th or earlier if possible since you can use these as your Christmas cards): Christmas cards
December (due January 2nd): Holiday
******Holiday assignments are:
4th of July-Amber Hooten
New Years-Kristina
Mothers Day-Jerrica
Fathers Day-Leslee
January (due February 6th): Rainbow-----this swap I am super excited about. Each person will have a color and they need to provide each of the following items for each people in the swap in their assigned color: a button, a flower, a 12 inch piece of ribbon, a brad, and an embellishment of their choice. The rainbow assignments are:
Orange-Amber Hooten

Thaks for doing so great ladies....I can't wait to see what you have done with your items and I can't wait to see our upcoming swap stuff!!! Please e-mail me photos of any items you want posted using the stuff we've created!!!

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Amber Hooten said...

I am sending my posies and flutterflys tomorrow (Monday). i am sorry I didn't get it out on time. We have been out of town. Let me know when you get it!