Monday, October 5, 2009

Starting Anew

Lots has happened since my last post, but getting back on track is definently a must!!! The scrapping swap has been going well, but I am still missing some of our swapers items!!

Kristina: Does my mom have your stuff-page layout and school I think is all I need??
Kira: Did I get your school stuff?
Jerrica: No school yet or page kit right?
Shanoa: Did I get your school stuff?
Amber Hooten: We are on your school stuff right?

I feel like I have fallen behind on keeping track with everything I have been doing for the house so will you guys please let me know where you are all at (everyone-not just those listed).

DeDe: I have thru January
Amber: I have thry January
Leslee: I have thru January-I think, did I get your holiday??
Liz: Mine should all be done and out except for my Cards which are coming soon... get us all back on track here is what we should be doing or already have done:

August: Page kit swap

September (due October 3rd) : Back to School

October ( due November 7th) : Sports******Sports assignments are:
Football-Amber Hooten

November (due December 5th or earlier if possible since you can use these as your Christmas cards): Christmas cards

December (due January 2nd): Holiday******Holiday assignments are:
4th of July-Amber Hooten
New Years-Kristina
Mothers Day-Jerrica
Fathers Day-Leslee

January (due February 6th): Rainbow-----this swap I am super excited about. Each person will have a color and they need to provide each of the following items for each people in the swap in their assigned color: a button, a flower, a 12 inch piece of ribbon, a brad, and an embellishment of their choice. The rainbow assignments are:
Orange-Amber Hooten

I have more for a couple of months past January, but I want to wait to post these to make sure everyone still wants to participate. Those of you who are not caught up I need you to send me your stuff ASAP so I can get it sent out to everyone else who is not in Poky. Thanks to you all for your wonderful crafting...I cannot wait to get into our house and get all my stuff set up to finally scrap!!!


Shayne and Amber Hoskins said...

K all that I have left is my christmas cards!!! Kira should be sending out hers and Jerricas page layouts soon.

Amber Hooten said...

I sent the school stuff out last week? Did you get and did it come okay since I put it into an envelope? Your house is looking great!

The Adams family said...

So I have everything done minus the christmas card to get me through the end of the year plus Jerrica's page layouts. I am going to give those theirs this weekend and then send the rest. I think that I am going to be one of those that will opt out after January! With a new baby coming I dont think I can keep up with the swap every month. Mabey if it was every other month or something smaller~