Friday, November 20, 2009

Scrappers Delight...

With the house still not being finished and closed I can pretty much guarantee that I will not be posting again weekly for awhile, but when I do come back I'm gonna do things a bit different around here. Along with goals for myself I will be adding a bit more interest with things I want to see and to keep to inspire both myself and others. Think of it as scrappers delight...highlights of cool things/people, inspirations, challenges, tutorials, scrap pages, page maps, ect. All things wonderfully crafty! Not just stuff made by me...but features and showcases from many types of things and by all types of people. I am also hoping to do a couple giveaways and such-smiles!! So check back and help me celebrate craftiness!!

As for my swappers I have an update!!
Amber (sister)=done except for Christmas cards
DeDe= All done
LesLee= All done
Me= All done
Amber Hooten= I have up through back to school
Kira= I have up through sports
Jerrica= I have up through Page kit...did you send the others????
Kristina=I have up through Christmas cards
Shanoa= I have up through sports

If you have given me more or less than what you see here let me know so we can get back on track. As far as going again next year I have had a request for every other month. Do we still want to do a swap like we are now, or do more of a page swap? Post a comment to let me know. Also, let me know if you have any friends/relatives like would like to join. Thanks!!

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Amber Hooten said...

I like what we are doing now, but I also like the page swap. Maybe we could try and do a page once a quarter or something like that. To me it doesn't matter if we go every other month or keep it like it is. I will do better about staying on top of things this upcoming year! P.S. I like your new blog idea!