Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 10

Well...last week was busy, although I can't remember why-haha! This week marks the end of our 2008-2009 school year, and I couldn't be more ready!! Tomorrow I get to be a chaperon for the middle school kids at LAGOON!! I love Lagoon and I am very excited to go and not be here for the craziness of the last day of school. Then on Thursday I will still have to be at the school, but there will be no little tyrants running around-whew!! I am really glad to be doing summer school-it will be a great prep to ease me into next year and my new position in the elementary school. Oddly enough, you would think being done with school would bring about more time, but thus far that is a no cigar!! I am hoping to start packing next week and get my house in order for the new Hobby Swap Night my friends Shanoa and I are starting. I will be hosting this first one, and I am hoping for a really great turnout!! It will be a potluck and I will be doing a demonstration on felt flowers and how to turn them into a headband, bow, or scrapbooking/card embellishment. To add to that and the swap I started with my friends and family from back home, I entered into an on-line swap that is due August first, so June will for sure be a busy month!!! Eric and I have vacations planned for the first 2 weeks in July, and then I am hoping to come home and start on the fish paintings I will be doing for Eric. Sneak peeks of all my swap stuff will be posted soon!!!
Anyways, This week I will continue to:
*Do something active for 5 out of 7 days
*Make healthy food choices and be aware of what is going in my mouth
*Read my scriptures and a church article for 5 days
*Play with PSE...fix photos Amber's photo's
*Finish up my handmade gifts
*Pack 2 tupperwares
*Make a couple layouts using my swap stuff
*Do something nice for Eric and one other person each day
*Organize scrap room....especially with all my new goodies!!!!
*Finish my swap stuff for the online swap, and for the summer swap with my ladies!!

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