Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 9...seriously!!

I can't believe how quick time has gone by!! Amazingly enough this blog really has helped me become more responsible with my time. Yesterday I didn't have time to post...I was getting some serious work done!!
This week I will continue to:
*Workout for 5 days
*Make healthy food choices and be aware of what is going in my mouth
*Read my scriptures and a church article for 5 days
*Play with PSE...fix photos Amber's photo's
*Finish up my handmade gifts
*Pack 2 tupperwares
*Make a couple layouts using my swap stuff
*Do something nice for Eric and one other person each day
*Organize scrap room....especially with all my new goodies!!!!
*Finish my upcoming swap stuff

Tonight I have some ladies coming over to scrap so I should be able to get a few of these checked off. I would've had to add put away laundry, pay bills, balance checkbook, finish and order custom invite, and finish fixing photo's from this weekends shoot. Luckily yesterday I was very productive. I even made time to do a gym class again...I am sore today so that's a good sign. I was also able to push myself harder than ever before and keep up with the teacher 100%. Yeah!! I have let W. W. slide a bit, but I am still trying to make conscious food choices. Soon I will be adding a few paintings to this list, and moving. I can't wait for our place to be done so we can get started. Even though I hate packing, I dread it even more when I don't have a final date in which to have it all done by!! The place is looking different though...we took the beds down...my scrap space seems so much bigger!!

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