Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 7

Wow...okay, so today Eric went fishing. We were going to go workout when he got home, but then I thought it's so nice out maybe I will go on a bike ride over by my friend Shanoa's house. Well then Eric called me and said you should just ride your bike up to Soda Lake, which happens to be above Shonoa's house. I decided that maybe I should try, Eric said it was 6 miles to get there. Well, I got home and started over to Shanoa's house, but didn't stop and decided to keep going. I kept going so far in fact that it was too far to turn around. I wasn't quite sure how far away I was, so I kept going. It was uphill, and bumpy but oh so beautiful outside. It ended up being a great workout. My mind was swept away and even though I was worried I would miss Eric and Jim and then have to ride all the way back out, I made it and found them!! It ended up actually being just over 8 miles. I couldn't believe it!! I guess it just goes to show me that if I set my mind to it, I really can do anything!! So far I am not sore, but I am sure tomorrow my muscles will be screaming like banshee's. Okay, so anyways-last week went pretty well. I got more accomplished than before.
This week I will continue to:
*Workout for 5 days
*Stick to weight watchers
*Read my scriptures and a church article for 5 days
*Play with PSE...fix photos of nieces
*Finish up my handmade gifts
*Pack 2 boxes (even though we will not be moving as soon as we thought)
*Make a couple layouts using my bird swap stuff
*Do something nice for Eric and one other person each day
*Organize scrap room
This week I will also:
*Finish my swap items

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Amber Hooten said...

Good for you! You are an inspiration to me! Ummm...I just realized that I forgot to put the check in the envelope with the other stuff. I will be home Tuesday night and get it in the mail first thing on Wednesday. Hopefully you have it before you need to send out my package!