Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 8

First of all...for my swap ladies who haven't completed all their swaps make sure you stay up to date and check this http://becomingmetoday.blogspot.com/2009/05/are-all-my-scrap-swappers-ready.html. Furthermore, I will be posting the next themes to finish out the rest of 2009....so check back soon, we've got some good things in the works!!

Okay...now to get down to business!! I had a great time in Poky...I finally got my actions for PSE figured out, and I am learning new things all the time for my Silhouette!! I have been using it tons to do my swap stuff and I am so in LUV with it-seriously it rocks now that I have gotten it figured out. I just got some inspiration for my next swap stuff by just talking about it!! I didn't do so hot last week with some of the stuff on my list, so I will try harder this week to stay on track!! Last week was super busy with prep work to go home, but I had a blast and it was totally worth it. I did a photoshoot that I am super excited about, I can't wait to fix those photo's!! I also have one coming up this weekend that I am doing a custom invitation for...super excited!! Anyways...

This week I will continue to:
*Workout for 5 days
*Stick to weight watchers
*Read my scriptures and a church article for 5 days
*Play with PSE...fix photos of nieces and nephews
*Finish up my handmade gifts
*Pack 2 tupperwares
*Make a couple layouts using my bird swap stuff
*Do something nice for Eric and one other person each day
*Organize scrap room....especially with all my new goodies!!!!
This week I will also:
*Organize all my swap stuff
*Start on my upcoming swap stuff

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