Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrap Swap....

This should be all the final details: the tally is 9things total (1 for yourself). All items need to be to me (or in Pocatello) by the 2nd of May. Amber (Hooten) and Kristen, you will need to send $ for shipping. It will most likely cost as much or a little more than what it costs to send it to me (or Kira for Kristen). This 1st swap will help us to know shipping charges, but I don't think it will be more than $10 each month. There is more info below the pictures but here is a quick recap...8 items to give away/the theme is birds/please no paper sheets (due to shipping)/there is no budget, but please make it a high quality product/and it needs to be something that can be used on a scrapbook page or card (thus it needs to be acid free).

As promised here is the swap for this upcoming month and details about how I think this will work (if you think something will work better let me know). I would like us all to swap our favorite feathered friend item (something birdish) can be bought or made :0). I am really excited to see how this all works!! This swap will take place in May. I am thinking that the 2nd Saturday of each month will work well (if there are reasons why it won't let me know). This way you are getting something every month, but still have time to get the next one done. So far I think these are the people I have who want to be involved:
Amber (my sister)
Amber (Hooten)

So let me know if there is anyone else who is interested, or if you cannot participate. As for now we will each make/buy 9 things (1 is for yourself). If you live in will swap among yourselves and then send the remaining things to me to send out, then I will send the other stuff your way. (Kristen if you want to work through Kira you can). For Amber Hooten you will send your things to me with postage to send a package back to you (I think this will work best...let me know if you think of something different)(Shanoa and I will work it out here). Everyone let me know what you think ASAP so that we can get this thing going!!!! I hope you all are as excited as I am...I think this will be a great opportunity for us all to grow and enjoy each others talents and tastes :0)!! As for the blog that I talked about for us all to post our creations on, I will think on that some more and get back to you all. Please feel free to let me know if you think of something that would work better. I think it is easiest for everyone not living in Pinedale or Poky to send their stuff to me, but I am open to other suggestions. I know some of you have mentioned postage charges, but this is the only way I know of to include lots of different people. Anyways, please let me know ASAP...happy creating to you all!!!!
Remember this has to be able to be used on a scrapbook or card (of if you want to make a card that works too). It can be made on any medium, but please make sure it is acid free :0)
Q's: Hey did i miss some info on the it a page there a budget....are we taking turns being in charge of the theme? Just wondering....I am excited to get started.
A's: Um...okay I will address some of those things better. It can be anything you want to do as long as it has to do with birds and can be used on a page or a card. There is not a budget (kinda hard to put a price on something that someone makes...), just make sure that whatever you buy/make that it is nice and of good quality and something that you would want to use (for example..if you make something on the cricut..please put it together for us, use nice paper, multiple-layers, glitter, ect-spruce it up a bit). I think that everyone taking a turn at a theme that wants to is a good idea...I will work on a schedule for that. Anyone who wants a turn let me know...


Shayne and Amber Hoskins said...

I think that it sounds just to clarify....we send anything that does not go to someone in poky to you and then you will get it to them?? I guess other than that everything makes sense:)

Amber Hooten said...

I am excited! I have a few it is just finding the time to CREATE! This will help me be more creative... I think. Do you want me to send you a check for $10 this time and see how much it will cost and then go from there? just let me know. I will call you sometime this week to get your address!

Amber Hooten said...

I will sure try. I will start working on it this week.

Amber Hooten said...

Sorry... one more thing. If I make cards how many should I give to each person?

Mark and Kristen said...

Hey Liz - I am so sorry - But I am not going to be able to participate right now. Its kind of complicated - but maybe in a few months?? Those owls are simply adorable!!!