Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 5

In English 9 we are reviewing Leo Tolstoy's "What Is Art?", and I thought I would share this with anyone out there who reads this blog and is an artist....
"In order to correctly define art, it is necessary, first of all, to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one of the conditions of human life."
"Every work of art causes the receiver to enter into a certain kind of relationship both with him who produced, or is producing, the art, and with all those who, simultaneously, or subsequently, receive the same artistic impression."
Wow-huh?! I think this says a lot, with very little information. I guess I do create out of need rather than really stabilizes me. It is calming...rejuvanating...and sanity increasing. Anyways, this week I will:
*workout 5 days a week
*do one nice thing for Eric and 1 other person each day
*finish and send out 3 handmade things
*make my swap stuff
*play with photoshop-try 1 action
*play with my silhouette-download and cut out 1 thing
*finish organizing my scrap room
*pack 2 boxes of unused stuff
*read scriptures and 1 church article everyday
*stick to weight watchers
*put away my bill info.


Amber Hooten said...

Hey Liz, I sent the package today and totally forgot to put the check with it. So i came home wrote you a check and put it in an envelope. I sent it to your parents house as well. So hopefully you will receive both of those things in the mail while you are there.

Celeste said...

you won a prize on my blog check it.