Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 3

Well...week 3 and I will say although I have not had time to stick to everything on my has helped me do better at not wasting so much time!! I planned on doing a bunch of catch up this weekend, but we went to SLC (pictures on my other blog) to hang out with family and friends :0). Although I am now behind-it was good to see everyone, and to see all the work that Chad and Jessica have done on their home.
For this week I will continue to:
*Workout for 5 days
*Clean out my scrapping space
*Figure out my silhouette
*Make Chrissy's handmade gift (missed that one)
*Do something nice for my hubby each day
*Do something nice for 1 other person each day
*Read scriptures everyday
*Read a church article each day
This week I also want to:
*Play with photoshop
*Clean up my bedroom-put away all my clothes, and purge (really purge) all the stuff I don't wear (BTW-I gave a shirt to a student at the high school today and she loved it so much she put it right on, I love that feeling!!!! It was a shirt from my punk days...I now I only wear it for Halloween. Even though I love it, I learned I loved the memories more than the actual shirt...helps me get rid of thing I don't need knowing that someone else will use and love it!!)

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