Friday, April 24, 2009

My Inspirations...sort of

Living in a disaster zone
These are a few words I am feeling right now. I have been working out is growing on me...and I am seeing progress. I have done my pampering weekly facial, my indulgence. I am tired, ready for a day to just be...with nothing on the schedule. I am hopeful that all this hunger and soreness will give good results! I am wanting to create...this is one of my favorite shirts, I call it my happy makes me want to scrapbook. It is very Elsie-ish and I love that (you can check her out here I love her). However, even with being in my creative happy shirt all day (love the little fangs on the thunder cloud) room looks like this-yikes!!! I have been organizing and it has become this-ahhhh!!! So far so good this week. 5 out of 5 days of working out. I have stuck to weight watchers. I have read my articles, and scriptures. I have made 2 of my handmade projects. I have tried to do nice things...and so far so good. I will work on the rest on my list on Sunday...tomorrow I will be playing in Jackson!!!

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