Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 1

I am feeling old.
Not in a good way either.
Maybe my body is just rejecting me.
Too many years of wear and tear.
I am trying to treat it better now.
I think it is holding a grudge.
Maybe I can push past this major side ache.
Oh yea...and then there's that pesky hip.
I need a good way to get revenge.
I know, tomorrow I will push it to the limit.
Maybe I can trick myself into feeling young and limitless again.
Maybe then, I won't feel so old.

So, day 4 of doing something active is complete...for that I am grateful. Although, the last 2 days have been different. Yesterday it was walking with a new friend from church. Today it was volleyball (I wish it was softball)-I try but it's not really my thing, it used to be more fun way back when, but it was active so...I did it, for 2 hours. I really wanted to skip today...but I knew I would feel guilty for not keeping up with all of this. So...side ache and all I went and played. My left side on my ribs has been hurting-especially when I take a deep breath-ever since after lunch today-it sucks, but such is life! The pictures I posted are from yesterday...this is one of my pass along the love gifts. I gave it to Pam today, I hope she liked it. I kept it simple so she had options of what to do with it. This weekend I plan on playing with the Silhouette...I hope I can figure it out. I hope I don't have to call the company for a new blade...and I can't wait to buy some new images with my GC and use my new markers...yea!!! I have been trying to serve my hubby all far so good. It has made me think before I react...all but one time, but this is about improvement after all...and that is definitely better than usual so I will take it.

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