Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 2

I guess I should start with a summary from last week, and say that my weeks go from Monday to Sunday :0) I was able to do 4 out of 5 days for a workout. I was going to do Friday as my 5th, but I was having issues with my side and being able to breath. Sooo....I only did 4 days. I also finished 1/2 of my button sewing...I actually only have 1 button to sew on, but I am a little OCD so I am also strengthening all of the other button attachments. However, I did finish a shirt and a's like having a new outfit! I hate going to the store and buying clothes, then taking them home and knowing that if I don't fix all the buttons that they will fall off-big bummer!! I also worked on doing something nice for my hubby each day...I did pretty well. On Sunday I was going to make sticky buns...that flopped because the dough never rose...made me angry-I guess that's what happens with cold weather, and low heating. I am happy to report that I did get Pam's handmade gift done :0) With looking at the house this week and then assessing what it would cost to fix versus build...I didn't have time to use the computer for my silhouette this week...but maybe next week!
This week I want to:
Working out for 5 days
Finish sewing on all my buttons :0( my poor neglected clothes!
Figure out my silhouette
Do something nice for my hubby and one other person each day
A handmade project for Chrissy :0)
Clean, Organize, and Purge in my scrapbooking room
Read 1 church article a day
Read my scripture everyday...I know, it is something I should be doing...and used to but I need some motivation!

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